Sunday, August 28, 2016

Blogger as Website

I was delightfully surprised to discover ConfluentForms, a website design firm that recommends using Blogger as a website platform. I've been using Blogger for several years and gradually recognizing how powerful and easy it is.

David Kutcher with ConfluentForms says, "What do all of the websites below have in common? They're all gorgeous, functional, easy to maintain, and happen to use Google's Blogger (Blogspot) as their Content Management System (CMS). They were all developed by our firm.

"As a thrifty small business solution, a website on Blogger can save time, money, and headaches. Click here to see the websites.

That link also includes a #TNTBootcamp video about using Blogger as a website platform.
Notes: Integrated with google+
- once you have a custom favicon and url, it no longer looks like blogger
- cheaper hosting costs
- check out page and post metadata ... is this labels? (look for tutorials on how to fix that problem)
- for ecommerce go to Shopify or a hosted cart system
- can sign up for an ad sense account through Blogger
- sites that host ads make sense for Google
- check out back links

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