Thursday, October 19, 2017


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This blog is about to die. I've discovered so many unburied blogs, I thought it only fair to say goodbye and why.

This blog was started as a way of tracking my learning on the path of taking a book to a best seller ... obviously, MY book. That isn't going to happen ... mainly because I don't want to do what it takes to create a best seller ... of course, that assumes that I could if I wanted to which is a big assumption.

Anyway, I created this blog when I was well on my way to finishing my novel, "Yellowstone Howling," I liked the story and the process of writing. I got to go to Yellowstone and interview people about the wolves and got to hear them howl. I enjoyed researching and getting to know characters in many fields, and enjoyed it so much, I joined NaNoWriMo and wrote a second novel. Then, I found a fabulous coach and started writing a third novel. Who has time to do marketing?

About then, I began to think writing fiction was somewhat like running a marathon and wondered if I really wanted to run marathons the rest of my life. It took over my life and left me no time or energy for art. I found myself pushing myself to complete the next step of the marathon.

And, then I moved to Mexico ... not really expecting to skip a beat on my writing journey. However, suddenly, I didn't want to do anything except photography and photo artistry.

I thought I'd get over it. I didn't. 

I love writing and assume I'll always blog ... but I'm going to limit it to one.

Wishing you joy and bestsellers on your journey. Come see me at: