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To get a better idea of where to start with social media, I paid a bit of money to the son of a friend. Since he was in the right age range of the market for Sarana's Gift (young adult), it made sense in a lot of ways.

We prioritized social media as below and set my purpose as getting reviews.
1. Facebook fan page, link to blog
2. Goodreads, reviews, giveaways, groups
3. Book review blogs, reviews
4. My book blog with interactivity, link to Facebook
5. Instagram/Twitter

Goodreads Giveaway: Gratitude Miracles Results

Offered 10 books, from 8/24 to 9/24
853 entered the contest
Of the 10 who won and I sent congratulation emails to, 7 have friended me, 3 replied expressing excitement.
No perceptible sales bump from the people who didn’t win. However, as much as I can tell, Goodreads doesn’t notify the non-winners, just the winners.

Conclusion: Not wildly successful. In reviewing other giveaways, it seems that most people only offer 1 book and how the giveaway is written is important because only a few words show.

I will follow up with the 10 to see if I can elicit some reviews.

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