Tech Stories

Story #1:

A writing group friend told me about, where you can get assistance in all aspects of writing ... for $5. For $5, an editor will read 2 - 5,000 words and give you feedback on the story, the flow, the writing or more technical aspects.

I was looking for help with my story and $5 seemed so cheap that I picked three editors and sent the same 5,000 words to each. I got back three different but helpful responses to my book. One of the editors really went above and beyond my expectations (plus she liked the story and my writing!) and she became my go to editor. She read the entire manuscript and gave me extremely helpful guidance. When the manuscript was "done" (are they ever?), she got the job of doing the copy editing.

Story #2: Scrivener

I wrote a whole post about why I said "yes" to Scrivener and bought the full Learn Scrivener Fast training package. Scrivener: "Yes" or "No".

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